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iPad Testers Needed – Test and Keep an iPad

Another way to get a free iPad is to sign up to be a tester, like on this website:

The big question is: Can you in fact receive a free iPad this way? I found myself asking this same question, is this really possible? It sounded too good to be true! Is it a scam? We all know there are a lot of phishing scams being passed around, so taking every precaution is a given.

One of the most common asked questions is "Why would a company give away an iPad, or an iPhone for free?". Big companies, such as Apple, are willing to give you free merchandise - in exchange for a little work.

They may be willing to give out a limited amount of their merchandise for free, because they want you to test out their new products. In return for their product, they want you to report back to them with an honest and constructive opinion about your experience, and any faults or issues you found when using it. The company may hold you to their expectations, such as reporting on a daily basis, writing about your experience with the product. Failure to do so may result in the company taking back their giveaway. Major companies will not let you test out two separate products at the same time, meaning: you cannot be given the iPad and the iPhone at the same time. If you see an offer with two items at the same time, it is most likely a scam - steer clear of it.

I recommend this website if you want to become a tester - it is well known and holds a trustworthy reputation in Canada.

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