Free iPad Canada
Note: This is a list in progress of the many ways to get a free iPad in Canada. I will continually update this list with my new finds. rss

Participate in a Survey for a Chance to Win iPad 2

Another type of contests for iPad in Canada, is where you have to complete a survey, in order to get an entry to the contest. Most of them are legitimate, but make sure to always read the fine print, or contest rules & regulations.

One survey that I would recommend, is by

They run this contest continuously, giving away one iPad every three months. Many people are lazy to fill out surveys, so your odds of winning are higher. This survey being limited to Canadians, also increases your chances.

When I win something, other people say: "You're so lucky!.." Well, let me tell you something. All it takes to win is one entry. If you never enter anything, how can you expect to win? I simply ENTER those contests. And that is how I build my own luck.

Don't be lazy and you will become lucky too!