Free iPad Canada
Note: This is a list in progress of the many ways to get a free iPad in Canada. I will continually update this list with my new finds. rss

How to Google for iPad Contests in Canada

If you already tried googling for new iPad sweepstakes using something like “ipad contests canada 2011″, you likely realized that the results weren’t exactly what you wanted - they might have been outdated, they might have not been the actual contest pages, or they might have been simply discussing iPad contests in general. It’s not very easy to find new, non-expired iPad contests using Google, not knowing how to look for it. I think i can help you with that.

The first thing to do is to enter a strategic search phrase. I recommend:

“no purchase” prize -forum iPad

I use ‘no purchase’, because in general 90% of the rules have this phrase in them. The wording usually varies: ‘no purchase necessary’, ‘no purchase required’, ‘no purchase is required’, etc. Therefore it’s the best to use ‘no purchase’ and the word 'prize' next to it. You can of course use alternative key phrases, like ‘winner selection’, ‘how to enter’, but in my experience, ‘no purchase’ works the best. I also use ‘-forum’ to exclude forum posts and only have actual contest sites in my search results. Strategic search phrase in place. Press ‘Enter’.

But that is not it!

Next, use the sidebar on the left to filter results so that you only have results for Canada. Otherwise, you will see many US-only contests. You will also notice that in addition to the country filtering, your results get sorted by area as well (or, for the most part). For example, I see contests hosted in Ottawa first. And only then, elsewhere in Canada.

After that, choose a time filter from the left sidebar, called ‘Past week'. Of course, filter the time according to your situation. If you’re googling for new iPad contests on a daily basis, you could use ‘Past 24 hours’ option, or if you’re doing it only once a while, use ‘Past month’. You will notice that as soon as you choose time filter, the number of results will be reduced. Just to let you know, the time filter does not necessarily mean the page was created in the past week. It also means that the page was updated, in the past week. Usually pages for old and expired contests don’t get updated, and our filtering method relies on this fact.

Optional Step: Choose to filter by ‘Not yet visited’. Google remembers which pages you have previously seen (unless you cleared you cache in browser settings), and can exclude seen contest pages from your search results. This is a very nice feature.

Then you are done. Go ahead and claim your improved odds on those great iPad contests!