Free iPad Canada

Refer 20 friends to get a Free iPad from FreebieJeebies

I discovered a neat website, which offers free gifts in exchange for referrals. It's Even though the company is based in UK, they do accept signups from Canada.

Their system works like this. You complete 1 offer (signup for a free trial, order a service, etc). Then, you refer friends, in exchange for a free gift. The more friends you refer, the better gift you qualify for.

Most of the offers require you to purchase about 10$ worth of something - software, trial, services. You can also find offers without the need to pay for anything at all - for example, it will require you to sign up for a free trial.

That is not a very tall price to pay for a free iPad. It will cost you 10$ + work involved promoting this to your friends, to get a free iPad.

They have the following options:

iPad 16GB Wifi Model - 17 referrals

iPad 32GB Wifi Model - 20 referrals

iPad 64GB Wifi Model - 24 referrals


iPad 2 Wifi - 16GB - 20 referrals

iPad 2 Wifi - 32GB - 24 referrals

iPad 2 Wifi - 64GB - 28 referrals


The good news is, that if you fail to find 20 or more friends to sign up, you can change your free gift to something else anytime. For example, you can receive Apple Magic Mouse for only 3 referrals.

Why is it worth it for FreebieJeebies to give away free gifts? Is it a scam?

Well, they are definitely not a scam. They have contracts with advertisers, and get paid for new member signups. When you complete one offer, they get more than 40$ from the advertiser. From this amount, they offer you 30$. The 30$ can be received in cash, or in a form of a free gift. If you refer more friends who complete offers, you get more cash, or a higher value gift. So for 20 referred friends you get a free iPad. FreebieJeebies makes money, you get a free gift, and the advertiser is happy to get a new member signup. Win-win-win situation.

Of course, this option will require a lot of work on your part, promoting this to your friends. But I would highly recommend it, if you cannot afford to buy an iPad yourself. All you have to spend is your time and maybe about 10$. If you have the time to tell about FreebieJeebies to your friends, why not?

Here are some ways you could promote your referral link:

1. Post it on Facebook

2. Post it on Twitter

3. Create a Youtube video

4. Link to it from your blog / Start a blog

5. Email friends and family

6. Hand out your link on Second Life, IMVU or inside any other virtual world

7. Write your referral link on dollar bills 🙂

.. the options are unlimited

You know, if you can only find 1 referral, you can choose to receive 30$ cash from FreebieJeebies and forget about them. But your goal is a free iPad, right? The chances that you can convince 20 of your 500 Facebook friends to sign up, are fairly high. It's just a matter of telling them about it.

To take a look at available prizes, go to FreebieJeebies website.