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Free iPad for Completing 8 Offers – My Observations

Have you heard of, or seen websites, where they ask you to complete offers, in exchange for a prize? I took a closer look at, offering a free iPad 2. Here are my observations.

In order to get a free iPad, they ask you to complete 2 Silver offers, 2 Gold offers and 4 Platinum offers. Those 'offers' are websites that they link you to, that you have to sign up for.

For example, a Silver offer can be to sign up for a free trial at, or get a free 7 day membership at Emusic. Gold offers and Platinum offers, are in fact not much different. They all either ask you to sign up for a free trial, free membership, or to sign up for something else.

Beware of the following catches, when signing up for these offers:

1) Some free trials will require your credit card, when you're signing up. They will not charge you until the trial expires, so it is ok to signup - but if you do not intend to use their services afterwards, don't forget to cancel, after you receive your iPad reward from

2) It is highly possible that you will start receiving a lot of spam emails after signing up for all these offers. Be sure to use your non-primary email. To keep your inbox clean, be sure to evaluate if you're interested in the offers they email you, and unsubscribe from those you're not interested in.

3) You're exposing your private information like home mailing address and phone number, so be prepared to get some sales pitches by mail, as well as by phone. You can ignore them if they don't interest you - ask to be removed from the calling list, and email them asking not to mail you anymore.

The reason can afford to give away a free iPad

Of course, you will ask, why would offer a free iPad in exchange for you signing up for some free trials? Well, the way this works is this. You complete 8 different offers. So you sign up for 8 different trials or memberships. MyOnlineRewards has contracts with each of these advertisers and are getting commission for new signups. There is also a chance that you will not cancel the memberships, and that gives them additional commissions. You sign up for 8 offers, they get paid about 1000$ from the advertisers - so they can incentivize you by giving you a free iPad and still make money.

It would be impossible for us, simple people, to get contracts like this with the advertisers directly, so it's a fair deal for all three sides (you, the advertisers, and MyOnlineRewards).

Should you Sign up for it?

I say, make your own judgement. Go see what offers you have to complete, and judge whether it would be worth your time signing up for 8 of them. is a legitimate company, and they will send your reward to you, if you complete the requirements.

My personal opinion is, why not? Who cares about some extra spam, in exchange for a free iPad. Most of these offers are free trials anyway, so you have nothing to loose. But of course, it's up to you to decide.

To take a look at what the offers are, click here.

p.s. They have a special going on right now, where they also add a 100$ iTunes gift card, in addition to a free iPad.

Good luck!